What is Webcoupon©

Webcoupon© is a digital coupon that can be incorporated into a variety of applications including banners, email comms, microsites and integration into Facebook apps . It can be used in brand platform sites to encourage purchase across a brand range. Webcoupon© is also a useful mechanic to capture valuable consumer data for analysis and fulfilment.

  • We've taken the best bits of existing offerings in the market, and made it even better. This has multi-uses to brands and publishers alike (eg integration into Facebook applications/brand platform sites to encourage purchase across the range).
  • The best consumer journey to print the coupon ~ there's no 'plug-in' to download, just click, print and go. We can even provide full detail of who has purchased your product to allow you access to valuable consumer data.
  • We clear coupons too. Don't forget we can do this, irrespective of who your existing coupon provider may be. We are an established tried and trusted UK coupon clearing agent with our own in-house redemption service and on-line reporting as standard.

Is it 100% digital?

A question that we are often asked is whether our Webcoupon© product is 100% digital. Because retailer EPOS systems are not yet widely ready to scan & clear digital coupons from a mobile device (ie to allow the entire redemption and clearance process to be 100% digital) then no coupon can yet claim to be 100% digital. It is a digital coupon that can be incorporated into digital promotional campaigns.

Here is a summary of Webcoupon© features and benefits:

No additional download or 'plug-in' is required by the consumer Enhanced, intuitive consumer journey with fewer queries
Quick and easy to set up Short lead time & only usual coupon set up details required from client (we do the rest)
A straightforward cost structure with the possibility to pre-set maximum print volumes Enables control of budget
Easily incorporated into multiple applications eg Facebook, microsites and email comms. Flexibility helps achieve brand objectives
Webcoupon incorporates all the UK coupon design guidelines & IPM recommended Ts & Cs It is easily recognised by retailers and widely accepted in store
The coupon cannot be viewed before it is printed by the consumer & once the link has been 'clicked' it cannot be re-used Duplicate prints are not possible
Face value price limit of £3.00 Helps eradicate fraudulent practice
Each Webcoupon is PIN barcoded Allows analysis of responders & re-targetting of those printed but not redeemed to maximise ROI
On-line real-time redemption reporting Allows 'dash board' redemption information in chart form
Coupon can be retailer branded Helps minimise misredemption

Features & benefits

Our experience and expertise in coupon clearing means that we have designed Webcoupon with several things in mind: clarity of information to the consumer and the retailer, information to help minimise fraudulent use as much as possible and also barcoding to allow both efficient processing and provide valuable consumer insight.

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