Competitive Cost structure

The cost structure is competitive and simple to work with for any budget. There are flexible options available:

  • A maximum total number of prints can be set for the entire campaign (once this volume is reached, coupons are no longer available to the consumer).
  • Total allowable prints can be released on a scheduled basis, eg 2000 available prints per week until the maximum number is reached.

Fee structure

Webcoupon pricing is banded on a volume of coupons printed basis (the higher the total volume, the lower the per print unit cost). The cost elements are:

  • One off set up fee (including coupon barcode/PIN barcodes for personalisation)
  • Cost per printed coupon
  • For a budget, remember to add the usual coupon redemption costs (face value, trade handling etc)

Discounts are offered for the second coupon (or multiple coupons) if confirmed as part of the same campaign. There is also discounted renewal if the same Webcoupon artwork is used.

Remember, for any campaign, we can re-target those consumers who have printed (but not redeemed) any Webcoupon ~ because each coupon has a URN.

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