Case Studies

Webcoupon© was created in France in 2008 and launched in the UK in 2014. Retailers were notified of this launch in advance, and samples were provided to enable recognition and understanding of the product.

In terms of retailer acceptance and processing, this is exactly the same as all other coupons in the market place. Therefore there is no additional or exceptional handling required in store. We operate a retailer enquiry line to handle both calls and emails in the event of a query ~ this helps minimise queries direct to the brand.

We've already worked with some big brands in the UK. Here are some case studies to illustrate this:

With the benefit of experience using Webcoupon in France, the brand's objective was to boost its database via data acquisition in the UK. In August 2014, the brand (through its agency Arc London) created an email marketing campaign, tailored to two separate sets of data and both incentivised with a link to a £0.75 Carte Noire Webcoupon. One rewarded existing consumers and provided engagement. The second was a mechanic to convert competitor product data by using a simple pre-populated consumer opt in form.

Take up was rapid with all available coupons (the total volume was pre-set) being printed within hours of the launch.

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UK experiential agency Sense London wanted to promote and maintain engagement with the brand's Facebook page. In August 2014, we worked with them to create a campaign to offer a Webcoupon for a free packet of Spearmint Mentos (value £0.59 to the consumer) in exchange for a Facebook 'Like'. The coupon was available for four weeks on Facebook, and released on a weekly schedule.

Following release, the total available coupons were printed within only a few hours of the release time.

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The Danone Multi-Brand platform was created to encourage brand engagement across the dairy brand portfolio and to give details of current promotional offers.

Brands including Actimel, Activia and Danio have all benefitted from the easy integration of Webcoupons onto individual pages across the platform, to encourage trial and repeat purchase.

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Wonderful Brands is part of Roll Global, established in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. Wonderful brands are the world's largest 'integrated grower, processor and marketer' of Pistachios and almonds and the world's largest 'processor and seller' of fresh pomegranates and related products.

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